Distribution of points, lines, and polygons

The distribution of points, polylines, and polygons

  1. Are there clusters of points or polygons? Is the distribution random, ordered, etc?
  2. Or how about patterns?
    Is there a spatial orientation to the distribution of points?

    from the ESRI online help from an earlier version of Directional Distribution
  3. Would that help us with these tick borne infections data? Are the incidences clustered?
    from https://www.cdc.gov/ticks/tickbornediseases/ehrlichiosis.html

    from the Find Point Clusters tool in the GeoAnalytics Toolbox.

Let’s try it… on fire data….couldn’t find good disease point data.

  1. Open the “distribution” project in the distribution folder.  This map shows a point file determined from satellites of thermal hot spots and fires globally in the last 48 hours (I loaded these data from this web site  by using the Add Data button and choosing “Data from path” which I copied from that web page).
  2. Select Africa by choosing the select tool and clicking within the continent away from the fire spots
  3. Use “select by location” to select all the fire spots completely within  Africa.
  4. Use the Copy Features tool to save this to a new dataset (the point cluster tool doesn’t work on a “feature service” layer, we have to make a local copy) in the distribution geodatabase.
  5. Run the Find Point Clusters tool with
    1. the Self-adjusting (HDBSCAN) option
    2. and a minimum of 20 points (or something else you want to try)
    3. click ok if asks  you about your firewall and Java….