What to Open Today?

Mon Jan 15 – MLK day — no class

Friday January 12, 2024
Welcome to GIS and Remote Sensing !

If we’re going to do a demonstration in class that requires you to copy files,  I will put instructions here. Normally this is copying and pasting one or more folders in Box, and needs to be done before we start class. Usually it takes less than a minute or two. Please check here before every class.

We are going to be storing all our data on Box (new for 2024).
Here is some how-to information we’ll use during class today or Wednesday.

  1. from the lab desktop or windows menu, launch the Box Drive login
  2. sign in with your credentials.
  3. you should see two new folders
    1. 2024GIS_sharedwork and
    2. 2024GIS_yourusername
      the first is where I will share files for you to COPY. You can open them from that folder, but you won’t be able to edit them. You will put ALL of your GIS files in the other folder and it is shared with me.
  4. NOTE: no spaces in any names of files or folders, EVER
  5. Using either windows explorer or the box web page, make 4 folders within your 2024GIS folder with the following names
    1. “demo” – for work you do during the class periods
    2. “exercises” – for tutorial and exercise work in lab and on your own
    3. “projects” – for the four open-ended assignments
    4. “downloads” – for temporary storage of GIS data downloaded from the web, and usually unzipped to somewhere else
  6. copying from the 2024GIS_sharedwork folder to yours can be done in three ways. Today, copy  the “introPro” folder from Box/GIS2024_sharedwork/demo into your own “demo” folder by….
    • in windows  –right click “demo/introPro,” select “copy” and then right-click inside the 2024GIS_studentx/demo folder to paste it  ….. or…..
    • box web page – copy the “introPro” folder from the sharedwork demo folder to your demo folder

      ….. or…..
    • box web page – download “demo/intro” to local drive (downloads?) and when you’re done with it, close ArcGIS and copy the entire folder to your 2024GIS_studentx/demo folder. Don’t forget!  And note that you will lose everything if the computer reboots 

You have three options for using ArcGIS Pro this semester

  1. use it in a computer lab at W&L, Geology, Parmly, library, etc Hopefully they’re all running the same version of ArcGIS Pro (3.1.1).
  2. download it and install it on your PC (sorry, Mac users). We are NOT using the most recent version, and you’ll want to match your copy to the lab version (3.1.1).
    1. I have downloaded the necessary files from ESRI and placed them in Box/2024GIS_sharedwork/ESRI_install_files
    2. copy these files to your computer
      1. install the program (.exe file) first
      2. install the 3.1.1 patch (.msi file) afterwards.
      3. if you do work on your own PC, I strongly recommend that you make a folder on the C:\drive (the “root”) called “GIS” and copy work there from box.
  3. you can use it on a remote desktop (either Mac or PC from off campus) from myvi.wlu.edu
    1. BEFORE you open that web page, install “Citrix Workspace” by going here
    2. download the version for your computer
    3. from that program, open a connection to myvi.wlu.edu
    4. NOTE: if you already have used myVI on  your laptop, then you might have “citrix receiver” installed ( the default program). It works, but not quite as well as “workspace”.

Outdated info below….but I’m keeping it here for  reference and in case Box is a disaster.
Note about our Geology shared drive (geodata)

Volume information: EEG has access to several volumes on a data server called \\geodata. In some labs, they have already been assigned drive letters (like C:\ or H:\ are mapped to specific places). All members of this class and EEG majors should have permission to use \\geodata.
– \\geodata\vol0 has folders that can be used by a single student and the geology professors. Students cannot open, write or edit files in other student folders. This is where you’ll store the GIS work for this class. It is mapped to the P:\ drive in the EEG computer lab. Use vol1 (below) for group work.
– \\geodata\vol1 is for temporarily storing large files used in classes and research. Students have read/write permission and should put their data in the \Students folder in a folder named using your login name. It is mapped to the Q:\ drive in the Geology lab and perhaps Parmly. Do not store copyrighted material such as movies or music on this drive. Be careful please, you can destroy or move other people’s work!
– \\geodata\vol2 is for permanent storage of spatial data. Students only have read rights. It is mapped to the R:\ drive on EEG computers.

PC Users or myVI. If you want to map the drives, click the “map geology drives” link in the menu Download and unzip a .bat file that assigns the server volumes to letters P, Q and R.  If you’d always like to do that from any computer quickly, I recommend saving that file (right click on it). If you log in to myvi.wlu.edu, and run this bat file there, the \\geodata drives should remain mapped for your myvi login.

Where to store your data this semester

  1. Find your folder for storing in-class exercises and make a folder within it called “GIS” (NOTE: no spaces in any names of files or folders, EVER)
    -if on campus or in myVI go to
    where your_W&L_username&year is your network login name and year like your mail address. All data and maps for this class should go into this GIS folder (except for any group projects, when you’ll want to share data with your partner).
    – if you do work on your own PC, I would make a folder on the C:\drive called GIS and copy work there from P

2. Inside your own GIS folder, create 4 new folders called “demo” “exercises” “download” and “projects”
demo – for work you do during the class periods
exercises – for tutorial and exercise work in lab and on your own
projects – for the four open-ended assignments
downloads – for temporary storage of GIS data downloaded from the web, and usually unzipped to somewhere else