GIS Exercises & Projects: What they are and what to turn in for credit.

The labs from the book  or online will lead you through steps.  I will ask you to “post” certain parts of these exercises.  That means filling out a word doc with the requested material, which you will then save as a PDF to turn in, to Canvas. Extra credit points may be available.  I have to be able to see your posts at page level to evaluate it.  If I ask for a “screen capture” don’t capture a giant monitor (in the lab) or your whole desktop; use a tool to take a reasonable piece of the terrain. You have snipping/screenshot tools in both Windows and Mac that let you take part of the screen; just ask if you need help finding/using one of them.

The deadline for finishing weekly exercises and projects is the following Friday at class time. Please turn your work in to the Canvas site under Assignments. Every file you submit for this course needs to start with your last name and be followed by a descriptive title  (e.g., harbor_week1_exercises.pdf)

If you have a question or ArcGIS doesn’t cooperate, please post your question in the Exercises Discussion in Canvas. You can start there to look for answers as well; if you post a new question, I’ll get an email and respond there so that everyone benefits. You might also want to get notifications for that discussion. Please name your Post “Exercise 2 – your brief description here”  Thanks.

2024 Exercises

Week1 (do not use yet….. editing for 2024)

Part 1:  Bolstad’s “Lab 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro.”

    • This exercise comes from the introductory tutorial for your textbook entitled “Lab 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro.”  Bolstad’s page has links to a  youtube channel with short helpful videos that show his students how to do things in ArcGIS Pro. He also links to some of these videos in his instructions. I’ve made some changes and suggestions to his instructions, so don’t download those from that website please See below.
      • copy the material to use for today (the “Exercise1” folder)
        •  R:\courses\GEOL260\sharedwork\exercises
          to your own exercises folder
        • P:\yourusernameYR\GIS\exercises
      • in that folder, you’ll find
        • a folder with the data supplied by Bolstad
        • a pdf with edited instructions for this Bolstad Lab
        • a word doc with spaces for your “answers” to this lab, aka the “lab report”
      • The instructions (his, and my editing) will ask you to make maps and provide information for this report.  Part two will also use that same lab report

Part 2: ESRI Quick-Start Tutorial – “Add data to a project” for ArcGIS Pro 2.8

This tutorial will expand the search for data to online data sources from geodatabses and shapefiles. It is delivered as a “project package” which will automatically unpack in the default location, which is your C drive. We will have to copy the project after it unpacks to your P: exercises folder.

  • Start the tutorial linked above but only through step 6 of the first part. After you’ve started ArcGIS Pro and opened the “Add data to a project” project, please
    Where did it go?  Go find out in ArcGIS Pro by going to the File Menu and choosing “Options” from the list
    where to go to find the opened package
  • Copy the folder from the options window and paste it into a Window Explorer address bar.
  • Save the project with your name in it and close the project.
  • In windows explorer copy the entire package folder “Add_data_….” and paste it in your P: \….\exercise1 folder.
  • Open the ArcGIS project from there instead.  Now it is permanent.

See the word doc for how to report your work on this online project.