Week 7 – Error finding in digitized Geology maps

Tile 1

– overlap in units.

Categories and boundaries ok

Snapped to tiles.

Tile 1

Must not have always used “append polygon” because slivers show up (get duplicate labels…good way to find em)

Otherwise snapping and categories look good


Tile 2

Not snapped to tile (or maybe rotated afterward?)

– one Cwbs was digitized twice? On top of one another.

Tile 2

– digitized a fair bit past your tile which made the merging unnecessarily complicated

– unit numbers were null  in SE corner, so units didn’t match neighbors( Ca, not Cca, Cwbs out of place too). Purple is matched with merged map

Tile 3

– good snapping and digitizing in general

– one categorical error (5 instead of 9 in NE corner)

Tile 4

– digitized the td, which we were ignoring

– placement seems off (or not carefully digitized) compared to my map

– otherwise good snapping, placement and categories

Tile 5

In general good shape and categories,

– one very small misalignment in one corner

Tile 6

– didn’t stop at borders of tile (snapping) so that made overlap with neighboring tiles

– lots of duplicate labels–throughout map, example of ones at right–because of slivers of over/underlap caused by not using “append polygon” likely, (redigitizing lines)

– digitized td, which was supposed to be ignored

– placement good with exception of one missing line separating 4 and 5.

Tile 7


– one missing line in SE corner (between 7 & 8)

– otherwise good digitizing, categories and boundaries

Tile 8

–  overlap and slices at most borders likely from not using “append” but instead redigitizing lines

– Mid of east side not snapped to tile (more overlap/sliver in blue too)

Tile 9

Good placement, snapping, and labeling

Tile 10 

– didn’t stop at borders of tile (snapping) so that made overlap with neighboring tiles

– must not have used append polygon due to many overlaps and slivers along most boundaries

– one mislabeled unit (6 not 5

– one missing line (between 6 and 7)

– Missing polygon (6, under td)



Tile 11

Good digitizing and borders/snapping