Week 5 Exercise Comments

  1. Remember that I need to be able see what you want me to evaluate on screen for me to give you credit for an answer.  Make sure your snips are visible ON THE WEB PAGE via a web browser (not the word document) before you walk away.   I am getting less generous each week with readability.
  2. Check your links in a web browser.  If they come up file://,….  you’ve done something wrong.
  3. California’s northeastern border is not vertical because it is West of the 500,000mE line (central meridian of the zone)
  4. If you’re going to project a feature or raster, like “tracts,”  a good name is “tracts_lambert”  Most of you used lousy new names.  Make naming a kind of metadata.
  5. If you use “snap raster” you also have to set the raster size to that of the raster you’re snapping too. Many of you had 50 ft (or m) in the box and snapped to NED.  That doesn’t do any good (the NED was <30 m and about 90 USFoots).  The business of setting environments and getting grids aligned has been very important to tool behavior in the past.  Get used to setting up your models/tools/project well.
  6. to show me the change of geometry of grid cells, you needed to “printscreen” the swipe tool in mid-swipe.  It was usually VERY hard to find it, if you did it.  One person put an arrow on, thanks! and this person used a change of intensity and explained which side is which — the best of all attempts.