Project 3 Comments on landslide placement

Counts of slides: Iosso-Manley 61; Chancey-Waibel, 65; Willey-Anderson, 58; Skidmore-Todd, 47 (too low, likely); Messerich-Villante, 56; Abcug-Murphy-Tamm, 85 (too high); Harbor (65)

This pdf has layers that you can turn on and off. Use the layers button in the TOC in Acrobat. We all found many of the landslides on the Antietam hogbacks, but fewer got the ones across 501 or in the areas farther southeast. The ones in the farthest SE are roads and quarries, and the red diamonds and squares are on a lot of outcrops (accuracy). Precision is within 12-15 m in most cases, except when folks digitized too far down on the slide (sometimes where it met the creek).